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Mets To Honor Jose Reyes

Let me start off by saying that this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of… I don’t know this for certain but i can only imagine this came from the higher ups in the organization, which means the Wilpans!!!! In my opinion, yet another blunder by them… Assuming it was their call, but who else would do so…

From the sound of it, they are going to a video tribute like how Mike Piazza’s tribute was done…

Im sorry but i know Reyes was a good player for us for 8 years… Although he was injured quite a bit during his time with the mets. That includes his last season with us in which he won the batting title hitting .337 over taking Braun for the lead. I was not a fan of him bunting for a base hit in the last game and then taking himself out of the lineup so ensure the batting title. The fans went to that game just to see him! And how did he honor them? By being in the game for 5 minutes then bailing…. I get him leaving for more money. I dont begrudge him for that. The Mets werent going to match Miami’s deal and he did what all players would have done. To yank yourself out of a game was a disgrace. We all know the story of Ted Williams going for .400 with a double header to play. He was hitting .3995 which was going to get rounded up to .400 and he told his coach that he playing, BOTH GAMES! He went 6 for 8 ending his storied season at .406.. Thats class… What Reyes did was selfish… Again this is all my point of view. I know a few people that were ok with him doing what he did but once he left they changed their tune… I wasnt one of those people..

Let me ask you this… Did we do a tribute for Tom Seaver when he came back to play us with the Reds, or how about Darryl Strawberry going to the Dodgers? I feel that both of those players meant more to the Mets then Reyes did. They didnt get tributes besides the fans cheering then on the field of play. No videos, posters nothing. If this was 10 years from now and Reyes was retired then sure have a Reyes day, but not when he’s coming in with his new team which mind you is a NL East rival!!!! Let the fans cheer or boo him but to honor a guy who hit .292 lifetime with us, makes no sense to me whats so ever….


NYG 2012 draft needs

The Giants have made a few moves in free agency lately… All moves I agree with. But with the draft coming up, they have a chance to fill a few rosters needs. According to Jerry Resse, the Giants arent done yet in free agency but I have a feeling that if any more moves are made it will be after the draft…

I’m big of the TE out of Stanford, Coby Fleener… I’ve written about in one of my last posts as well when talking about the signing of Marcellus Bennett… Fleener though is 6’6 and 245lbs… He’s a big guy with good hands and can block on the line. Stanford ran a pro style offense and plus he had a number one draft pick in Andrew Luck throwing to him the last few seasons. Bennett isn’t the long-term answer for us and drafting Fleener I think would be a nice move.

With the release of Jacobs, our running back position could use an upgrade too.  I LOVE Bradshaw as our featured back let me preface that. He does have some foot/ankle issues that he did have taken care of supposedly but running back is a tough position to play and injuries are likely. Doug Martin out of Bosie State has turned a few heads since the combine in February. He reminds me of a Ray Rice type of back ( not exactly Ray Rice, relax everybody ) just his style and body type… At 5’9 he’s not going to tower over anyone but at 215lbs he’s a powerback with speed. Not to mention he can catch out of the backfield and knows how to block at the RB position.

We did just sign Locklear to help the Oline and hopefully Beatty comes off his injury and can step right in again. We also have James Brewer who if shows some promise may be able to see some playing time. I do like Mike Adams out of Ohio State. BIG BOY at 6’7 and 323.. Naturally at right tackle but he does have the ability to learn the left tackle spot with would make him special in the sense that he can play multiple spots on the line… He did just recently come out that at the combine he failed a drug test for having pot in his system… A dumb move yes but to me that wouldn’t hurt a persons draft status. Unless he was count with pounds and pounds of it and use it for selling. Then yes that would put a damper on me drafting him.. If I remember correctly though, Warren Sapp had a pot issue too and he had himself a pretty good career.

Linebacker has always been a need for the Giants. Trading for Rivers was low risk high reward. Only cost us a 5th round draft pick… We brought back Chase Balckburn, good hard-working player that will give you everything he has on the field plus a good teammate. Boley played great last year helping out our young LB’s… Herlich, Jones, and Williams did a nice job in their rookie campaigns. My personal favorite is Mathias Kiwanuka… Moved to linebacker a few years ago.. Didnt play all that well the first year learning how to play but last year played good and helped out on the Dline where was his original position. I don’t think we need much help there but I do like Zach Brown out of NC, and Luke Kuechly out of Boston College. Kuechly is a tackling machine and good at the inside spot. Brown is faster, running a 4.5 i believe at the combine. Not as good at tackling but a smart player…

I know the Giants cant draft all of them but I would be very happy to see of them in a Giant uniform next season… The Giants are an organization that doesn’t draft needs, they draft best player availible. It has worked in the past so if it aint broke then don’t fix it i guess… I’m looking forward to the draft, especially the later rounds… Hopefully we can find some good talent to really help our team… GO GIANTS!!!!! Superbowl 47? You never know!!!!

Should Amare come off the bench when he returns?

Mike Woodson has a choice to make. Either put Stoudemire back in the starting lineup when he comes off his injury or have him be a role player off the bench. I know it’s not an easy choice to make but some coaches would love to have that dilemma!

When Amare went down with the bad back, Melo stepped right in to the 4 spot and played well. Very well actually. His productivity shot up quite a bit. Scored more points and shot the ball much better than he was. His 4-19 shooting nights pretty much disappeared and he has played like the superstar we all expected from him since the day he got here. Now though he’s been doing it with some consistency. Playing the power forward position, he’s been feasting on the slower defense and scoring at a much higher clip and shooting a better percentage. Surprisingly he’s also played his bigger counterpart well. Melo will still give up a few inches and pounds on certain players but he’s held his own otherwise.

With that said, back to Amare…

The last 4 games before Amare went out he played like the old Amare. He was averaging 20 points 9 rebounds and shooting 59 percent from the field. His defense wasnt what you want out of him but he did have a few nice plays in the Philly game blocking Brand from behind, running all the way down court to do so. Showed hustle and helped the knicks to a narrow win that night.

Floor spacing will be a factor also in Woodson’s decision. Both He and Melo like to operate on the same spots of the floor. If the play is broken down they like to isolate on the wing about 18 feet out and make a play off the dribble. Not a bad thing but at this point in time I rather have Carmelo do that. He also clashes with Chandler when Melo is doing is thing. Amare played well last year when in the center spot, but he was a year younger and didn’t have back issues yet. Also he was the only scoring option which gave him room to score. So with Chandler doing his thing at the 5 and Anthony playing very good at the 4 spot that only leaves Amare coming off the bench to play the 4 or 5 depending on who’s subbing in. If Stoudemire can come back and be the same player as he was when right before he got hurt then i say yes put back in the starting lineup and i expect Woodson to make it work.  If he’s a shell of himself then maybe off the bench would be the best thing for the team. I mean isn’t that what it comes down to, “the team”… Now a days that’s a laughable statement but if the players have bought in to what Woodson is selling then it shouldnt be a far-fetched conclusion.

Worst things have happened to the Knicks. Having to figure out where to put a Stoudemire in the game shouldnt be a huge concern. If he starts and plays awful then he will get yanked and play little minutes. If he plays decent to good then the Knicks may have a shot at a run at the finals. I didn’t say it was a great shot but a shot nonetheless!

NY Giants offseason

It’s only April and the draft has yet to arrive but as of now I am liking the moves that the organization has done. Ever since Jerry Reese became our GM back in 2007, he has had the magic touch when it came to drafting and signing players. Now I know the Superbowl team from the 07-08 season was primarily Ernie Acorsi’s guys but Reese was still involved in the processes as well. Winning 2 superbowls in 5 years is just fine with me. In Jerry Reese I trust!

His recent signings as of now ( 4/12/12) bought us Antwaun Molden, cornerback who played with the Patriots last year. Decent corner. Nothing special or exciting expected of him from he will give us depth/nice rotation. The plus to me is that hopefully this leads to Antrel Rolle moving back to saftey instead of playing the slot wideout.

The signing of Sean Locklear is an eghhh move to me.. Not good but not bad. He’s going to give a little depth to a thin Oline and being that Kareem Mckenzie wasnt brought back he does provide a need at right tackle. The downside for me is that if you talk to Redskins fans, they aren’t a fan of his. I think BUM was the word mostly used. Has a big body with NFL experience, whether it be a back up or wins a job. Works for me…

The biggest upside deal was trading a 5th round pick for Keith Rivers. Rivers was a stud coming out of USC in 2008. Was the 9th pick of the Bengals. Played well as a rookie but after he broke his jaw on the hit from Hines Ward he was never the same. He became expendable once the Bengals resigned Manny Lawson. My hope is that a new change of scenery and new team ( winning team mind you ) will give him that second wind and have him play up to his potential. Again we only gave up a 5th round pick so even if he’s a bust and can’t stay healthy, not much was giving up to get him… Not to mention he fills a much-needed LB need… Overall I think it was a good move!

Of course i cant forget about the signing of Bennett from the Cowboys. TE was wearing thin with Beckum recovering from his torn ACL and worse news with Ballard having microfracture surgery. Its going to be a longer journey back for Jake now. He played very well for us last year and had a few big time catches when we needed him.. Giving Bennett a “prove it ” deal was perfect. One year 2.5 Million. Short and cheap, so if he plays well bring him back and if he’s a bust then it cost you 2.5 of cap. Worser things have happened. He’s has the ability to be a top TE in the NFL. Good blocker being Dallas’ backup behind Witten so blocking was his role. Been a few years in the league so he knows what to expect out there and if when he’s not being lazy, the guy can flat-out play football. Lets hope  being with the defending champs gives him that motivation to prove himself. I still think we need to draft a TE as well. I really like the kid out of Standford Fleener! Amazing pro day with all the tools a TE needs to be great.

Only 2 weeks away from the draft, lets see what Jerry Reese and the Giants have up their sleeves.

Mets Off To A 3-0 Start!!!

I’m not going to sit here and say “yup I knew they would start 3-0, had no doubt about it”… I had plenty of doubts about the season and still do, but I am pleasantly surprised that they took the first series of the year and swept the always hated Braves. Which whom they beat Jair Jurrjens who has been lights out against the Mets the past few seasons.

Opening day was great for so many reasons. First off Johan pitched well for not pitching in 19 months. Wasnt in long enough to get the win but had good command with his location and his circle change was working. His fastball at its highest was 89 but more towards 86-87 average throughout the day. He still has enough disparity miles per hour wise from fastball to circle change to fool the hitters. I can live with his velocity if it stays like this for the year. Lets not forget, Greg Maddox mad a career of painting the black and not having a cannon for an arm and he did just fine for his baseball career!

It was nice to see Wright start off with a bang. Going 6-9 hitting .667 with a HR and few RBI’s.. Couldnt ask for a better start. Same goes for Murphy going 5-13, and 3 of those were doubles. I think I’m most happy with Duda. He’s only 3 for 11 as of now but hitting 2 big HRs but also took a couple of walks to get himself on base. Your going to see a lot of gap shots from him this year, especially in Citifield.

Bay and Davis’ lack of production is a small wrinkle in the short 3 game season. Bay does have a few hits and an RBI i think but he came up in a few big spots and fell short. I really hope this year is different from the last few but in the small sample size I saw, i just don’t know.. Davis is weird though. His last 3 spring training games he was knocking the cover off the ball hitting 3 long balls. He drawn a few walks and has gotten on base but he has zero hits and one to many strikeouts! He’ll make the changes he needs to and he’s going to have to if he plans on helping the team win games. To off set Bay’s and Davis’ woes has been Tejada’s play. He did go 0-6 in the first 2 games but going 4 for 5 in the rubber game and playing a good short stop in my mind makes up for the other 2. Two double, 2 RBI’s is just what us Met fans need right now. We all may be saying losing Reyes is fine and he always gets hurt but bottom line we lost production in the leadoff spot and a solid defensive player. If Tejada can even give half of what he’s doing now, that should be good.

All and all though this 3-0 start is just what we needed. I’m not saying were going to win the NL east or make the playoffs, but this young team has shown that they want to win. They have talented players and its good to see some of our farm guys come up and play well too. The theme though is staying healthy! Having Torres go down does hurt but what Met fan didn’t see that coming! Lets keep up the good play and take 3 more from the Nationals who are coming to town. Looking forward to Wednesday game with Johan and Strassburg take the mound…

Now all we have to do is find some way for the Wilpans to sell the team to people who actually know how to run a team and Met fans will be very happy.

All The Dodgers Needed Was A Little Magic

The old owner of the Dodgers Frank McCourt first bought the team back in 2004 for 430 million dollars. Before purchasing the Dodgers, he tried buying his hometown team the Boston Redsox but was outbid by John W. Henry, Tom Werner and Red Sox President Larry Lucchino back in 2002. It always struck me as odd that a Bostonian would buy a team from LA. But he also tried buying the Anaheim Angels (MLB) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL). Looks like Mr McCourt just really wanted to own a team to call his own.

A group that includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson and longtime baseball executive Stan Kasten agreed Tuesday to buy the Dodgers from Frank McCourt for a record $2 billion.

I think it was a 500 million to a billion to much. In 2010 the Dodgers were estimated worth was 727 million dollars. An historic franchise it is but paying 2 billion for them seems like they overshot their offer… If the Dodgers can be sold for 2 billion then the NY Yankees must be worth close to 10 billion ( an exaggeration yes but you get my point ).

I dont know much about Frank McCourt’s business ways but it didnt seem to be the best fit in LA. Even though Magic Johnson is known best for his hall of fame basketball skills, he is a born winner. With his days in Michigan State and his battles with Larry Bird to his career with the Lakers and winning championships with “showtime” basketball. Im sure he’s going to talk to players about a winning attitude and what it means to be apart of something great. Baseball decisions aside, he will be a nice addition to LA as an owner. Im interested to see exactly how Magic will fit in to all of this and what capacity he will hold. I hope not just a face or a name. I think he has more to offer then just that.

Tebowmania in NYC

I just don’t get it! Lets break this down into a football move and marketing a cash cow… Why do the Jets think they needed to make this trade? Personally i think it has to do with the money side of football.

Lets look at this as a football move. Ok so, the Jets said having Tebow on the team makes them better. With his skill sets they can utilize him to get the full talent from him… Wasnt that what Denver did? Yes i know they made the playoffs and did upset the Steelers ( with a badly hobbled Big Ben mind you ).. Wildcat, Tbone whatever you want to call the formation that takes Sanchez out of the game and puts Tebow in isn’t going to work. He’s a big guy Tebow, no question about it.. But as the Patriots showed in the regular season and playoffs he can be gotten and hit hard over and over again and have little to no effect on a game. You could of went out and signed a BIG back. Running back is a need for the Jets… Why not go after Hillis before he signed with the Chiefs. And event though Bradon Jacobs isnt a fan of Rex Ryan, he’s still out there for the taking. I keep on hearing short yardage guy.. 3 and 1 this and goaline that… There’s even a few fullbacks that was out there. Tony Fiametta who just signed with the Patriots could have been a short yardage back. Although he did miss some time with an inner ear problem. Nonetheless other options were there if they looked hard enough and to be honest not that hard mind you… So getting a player to make the team better im sorry im not buying it. Maybe it was to have a great teammate/overall good person to bring some goodness to the locker room.. I can buy that more than he makes us better. And not for nothing a few Jets sounded off before the deal was made and wasnt happy about trading for tebow. So how can a guy make the locker room better if people are saying they don’t need him here… Football move, i highly doubt it.

Now the money side i can wrap my head around that. I think he’s owed about 6 million over the 3 years he’s here… I could be off by a few million but it’s around that. He’s going to generate millions on top of millions with ticket sales, jersey sales making the team more money they wont know what to do with… My opinion comes down to dollars and cents. This was a money desicion through and through. And don’t get me wrong, thats fine. Team has to sell seats… You could have gotten anybody to for goaline and short yardage. Curtis Martin would have came out of retirement for a few million for gods sake! Hell, I’ll do it for league minimum!

With that all said, I’m a Giants fan. And no im not Jet hating or Tebow hating for that matter. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tebow do well in this experiment. I just don’t think a two QB system will work. College yes, pros NO… Especially when you see Tebow on the field and you know whats coming., a running play with a small chance of him throwing the ball. But if im an opposing defense i hope he throws it. Its shown that he’s more effective running.

It’s only a matter of time before Tebowmania kicks in. And by that i mean Tebow followers asking for Sanchez to be benched… Tebow as a backup is an upgrade for th Jets but as a started i think it’s a step back.. One thing i cant deny is that he’s a winner. He has that desire inside him to get what he wants. Determination to be the Jets starter will drive him, but will he win the job or have his religious posse get him there. The drama continues, but you have to admit… Its going to be fun to see what unfolds.