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Eli ranks in at 31 on NFL list.

June 8, 2012

The NFL network has been airing their top 100 players of the 2011 season the past few weeks. So far Hakeen Nicks(90), Justin Tuck(62)  has joined Eli on the list so far. I can only assume that Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul will make an appearance on the list as well, and rightfully so… Both had ProBowl seasons.

There’s been a little drama on whether Eli should have been higher on the list. People have said easily a top 15 and I’ve also heard 31 is right where he should be. There were a few Giant haters that said they can see him being not in the top 50…

Showing up 31st on the list isn’t the worst spot to be in. He wasnt even voted on last years list so to be 31 this year is an impressive leap.  I do think Eli should have been at least top 20 if not a little higher. His numbers spoke for themselves this year and his post season numbers were absolutely lights out. In 4 games he threw for 1212 yards with 9 TDs to 1 int, had a QB rating of 103.3 and completed 65 percent of his passes. Lights out may be an understatment!

It appears that Big Ben is higher on the list then Manning is. You can definitely make an argument about that. I know Rothlesberger has 2 rings just like Eli and has had a lot of success in his NFL career but it’s not about that. It’s a list of the best players of this past season! Eli should be ahead of Big Ben no question!!!!

Does all this ranking really matter though? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a cool thing to be voted by your peers as one of the best in the game. But, Eli is a calm, collective kind of guy. The bright lights of NY doesn’t affect him, the media is of no concern to him and the shadow of being Peyton’s little brother doesn’t seem to phase him either. So im sure that being ranked 31st out of 100 is just a drop of water in the ocean to him. Truly a professional at his craft and has come into his own the past couple of years. I’m looking forward to this upcoming season in hopes he surpasses the career year he just had. Defending the championship isn’t going to be easy but I bELIeve in ELI!!!!

Go Giants…….


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