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Osi’s gets a new deal.

June 4, 2012

I’m happy Osi got his deal but I’m also a little bewildered by it.  I like it that we made Osi happy for now anyways. When he’s on he can be one of the leagues best pass rushers.

Before the deal was done Osi was scheduled to make roughly 3.9 million this year. Far from chump change but nonetheless Osi wasn’t happy yet again this year. My opinion is that he played very well in the post season and deserved a new contract. He did miss 7 games or so during the regular season but when it counted and when we needed him he showed up. The strip sack he had on Rodgers in the playoffs not only got the ball back for the team but saved a would be touchdown!

From the early reports it looks like Osi will make 7-7.5 million for this 1 year. 3 million of it is a signing bonus. And it’s voidable in 2013 as to spread out for a salary cap hit. This is where I get a little lost. So basically we gave Osi a raise for 1 season. From the sound of it he’s going to be a free agent come 2013. Maybe im wrong in my interpretation of it but the Giants threw an extra 2 million or so at him to make him happy for just 2012. What happened to wanted Osi to retire as a NY Giant. I hope im wrong but it looks as if that isn’t going to happen.

Well, for whatever the future holds I can hang my hat on 1 thing. Osi has a new deal and is happy going into the 2012 season. Despite whether he’s here longer than that or not here, I’m looking at defending the Superbowl title and taking one game at a time and hoping for health across the board. Having Osi in the lineup as a backup ( which I know he HATES ) or having him start makes the team better. We had the best Dline in the game last year and our rotation played a huge part in that. His presence and leadership of being a vet on team will only help us….



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