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NBA Playoffs… Who will slow down Miami in the East.

May 11, 2012

Answer….. Probably no one… I’m a Knick fan and they rolled us like it was nothing. Yes we had injuries but im a realist and I didn’t see us beating Miami.

Injuries have been a huge theme this playoffs. So big that it actually knocked good teams out of the playoffs.

Dwight Howard was out due to his back. The Magic went down to the Pacers in FIVE GAMES! They were the 3rd seed! And the Pacers who had trouble beating decent teams took them out, led by Danny Grainger’s play. Glenn Davis wasnt and isn’t the answer the magic had in mind for their playoff run. Losing Howard was more than big!

Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah… The two stars on the Bulls who led them to a one seed! Rose with his torn knee and Noah with his strained ankle… Those two healthy and I’m sorry but the 76ers don’t stand a chance. A good, young team with talent but i think they are a few years away from contending for a title. Very well coached with Doug Collins but youth doesn’t do well in the playoffs. The Bulls full strength would have either swept of at least taken them in 5. Once again injuries played a factor.

With the Boston/Hawks series, injuries didn’t really have a role. The aging Celtics were just to experienced for the Hawks. Allen was a little banged up and i think missed a game or two but with Garnett and Rondo playing good ball, that was all they needed. And no I didn’t leave out Pierce, im just not a fan. Good player although it looks like he plays in slow motion at times, always gets hurt and magically comes back and lifts his team.. Come on, how many times is that going work. I’m not saying he hasn’t been hurt but i think and its only my opinion but he may have been milking some of it at times. But hey, who am I ya know… Boston took them in 6 only because the youth and speed of the Hawks took a game or so figure out…

With that all said, I don’t see any of these teams challenging the Heat. Boston to me has the best chance. Again they have the experience but I don’t think that will overcome the talent the Heat has. Lets not forget, the Heat were in the finals just last year so it’s not like they will be in awe and nervous. The core of the team was there last year and the few additions are seasoned vets. I don’t think Shane Battier will be caught up in the finals, hes to savvy and smart for that. The only team i thought would have been a tough matchup for Miami was the Bulls.

Other then the Bulls in the East who again were eliminated, the toughest match up for the Heat will probably come in the Finals. I’m not saying there a lock to make it there but with the teams left I wouldn’t bet against them to get there, that’s for sure. I can see the rejuvenated Spurs, a smart and well experienced Laker team or the young and very talented duo in OKC with Durant and Westbrook being a team that can beat the Heat.

My prediction ( and im never right )…. Miami vs OKC… Miami in 7 games with Lebron getting the monkey off his back and getting the finals MVP. Even though i think OKC may be a year away and need more bench depth, i think they can pull it off and make the finals. I just think Lebron, and Wade want it bad this year especially after what happened last year.


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