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Can the Knicks make it a series and win game 5?

May 9, 2012

The start of the Knicks playoffs has been a little lack luster for me. Making the end of the season push to make the playoffs, getting the 7th seed was all good stuff. Wasnt thrilled about having to go through Miami but what can you do. Just win and get in is the important part.

We have had our unfortunate injuries so far. Losing Shumpert early with his knee and later on in the series losing our starting PG in Davis. Davis wasnt playing great but he was our best PG on the team and gave us 25 minutes a game. Shumpert who is flat-out the Knicks best perimeter defender was a huge loss for us. He had the ability to cover Wade and on switch offs felt good about him being on Lebron for the time being. Even with a healthy Davis and Shumpert I think it would have been a more competitive series. Being down 3-1 and going back to Miami wont be an easy task.

Amare’s “injury” was definitely a disappointment. The first few games he didn’t play well but in game 4 he came back a new player and gave us a 20pt 10 rebound game. Defense was still a little suspect but it always has been. I wonder how the game 3 woulda have went if he didn’t have the self-inflicted injury and played with the same intensity he did in game 4. Would it be a 2-2 tie? Who knows. What I do know is that were down 3-1 and hanging on by a thread. It took Melo’s 41 pts  to keep us in it. Wade going 4-10 from the line didn’t hurt our chances either.

My gut is telling me that the series is over and we will lose game 5. I don’t want to believe it though. Im not saying we can or will beat the Heat and move on but as a Knick fan i want to see them take it to them and not be pushed around like last year when we were swept by the Celtics! Making this a 3-2 series and having it come back to NY for a game 6 would at least show some heart and give hope to Knick fans… We need big time shooting especially from our bench and we have to play defense like it’s the last game they will ever play because frankly it is. Lose and go home. Win and you have NY in the palm of your hands. GO KNICKS!!!!!


So it’s the next day and the Knicks lost game 5 106-94… Im a little disappointed that we didnt make it a competive series but all in all the season wasnt a total lose. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere, Shumpert showed that we have a good young player for years to come and Melo showed that he can be that top scorer when we need him to be. Chandler won defensive player of the year and thats without leading in any defensive stats. I just hope we come back next season ready to make a run and have depth in PG and hopefully a healthy Amare. Will they trade him? Can they trade him? We have all summer to to find that out. Looking forward to next season!


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