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Mets To Honor Jose Reyes

April 24, 2012

Let me start off by saying that this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of… I don’t know this for certain but i can only imagine this came from the higher ups in the organization, which means the Wilpans!!!! In my opinion, yet another blunder by them… Assuming it was their call, but who else would do so…

From the sound of it, they are going to a video tribute like how Mike Piazza’s tribute was done…

Im sorry but i know Reyes was a good player for us for 8 years… Although he was injured quite a bit during his time with the mets. That includes his last season with us in which he won the batting title hitting .337 over taking Braun for the lead. I was not a fan of him bunting for a base hit in the last game and then taking himself out of the lineup so ensure the batting title. The fans went to that game just to see him! And how did he honor them? By being in the game for 5 minutes then bailing…. I get him leaving for more money. I dont begrudge him for that. The Mets werent going to match Miami’s deal and he did what all players would have done. To yank yourself out of a game was a disgrace. We all know the story of Ted Williams going for .400 with a double header to play. He was hitting .3995 which was going to get rounded up to .400 and he told his coach that he playing, BOTH GAMES! He went 6 for 8 ending his storied season at .406.. Thats class… What Reyes did was selfish… Again this is all my point of view. I know a few people that were ok with him doing what he did but once he left they changed their tune… I wasnt one of those people..

Let me ask you this… Did we do a tribute for Tom Seaver when he came back to play us with the Reds, or how about Darryl Strawberry going to the Dodgers? I feel that both of those players meant more to the Mets then Reyes did. They didnt get tributes besides the fans cheering then on the field of play. No videos, posters nothing. If this was 10 years from now and Reyes was retired then sure have a Reyes day, but not when he’s coming in with his new team which mind you is a NL East rival!!!! Let the fans cheer or boo him but to honor a guy who hit .292 lifetime with us, makes no sense to me whats so ever….


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