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NYG 2012 draft needs

April 20, 2012

The Giants have made a few moves in free agency lately… All moves I agree with. But with the draft coming up, they have a chance to fill a few rosters needs. According to Jerry Resse, the Giants arent done yet in free agency but I have a feeling that if any more moves are made it will be after the draft…

I’m big of the TE out of Stanford, Coby Fleener… I’ve written about in one of my last posts as well when talking about the signing of Marcellus Bennett… Fleener though is 6’6 and 245lbs… He’s a big guy with good hands and can block on the line. Stanford ran a pro style offense and plus he had a number one draft pick in Andrew Luck throwing to him the last few seasons. Bennett isn’t the long-term answer for us and drafting Fleener I think would be a nice move.

With the release of Jacobs, our running back position could use an upgrade too.  I LOVE Bradshaw as our featured back let me preface that. He does have some foot/ankle issues that he did have taken care of supposedly but running back is a tough position to play and injuries are likely. Doug Martin out of Bosie State has turned a few heads since the combine in February. He reminds me of a Ray Rice type of back ( not exactly Ray Rice, relax everybody ) just his style and body type… At 5’9 he’s not going to tower over anyone but at 215lbs he’s a powerback with speed. Not to mention he can catch out of the backfield and knows how to block at the RB position.

We did just sign Locklear to help the Oline and hopefully Beatty comes off his injury and can step right in again. We also have James Brewer who if shows some promise may be able to see some playing time. I do like Mike Adams out of Ohio State. BIG BOY at 6’7 and 323.. Naturally at right tackle but he does have the ability to learn the left tackle spot with would make him special in the sense that he can play multiple spots on the line… He did just recently come out that at the combine he failed a drug test for having pot in his system… A dumb move yes but to me that wouldn’t hurt a persons draft status. Unless he was count with pounds and pounds of it and use it for selling. Then yes that would put a damper on me drafting him.. If I remember correctly though, Warren Sapp had a pot issue too and he had himself a pretty good career.

Linebacker has always been a need for the Giants. Trading for Rivers was low risk high reward. Only cost us a 5th round draft pick… We brought back Chase Balckburn, good hard-working player that will give you everything he has on the field plus a good teammate. Boley played great last year helping out our young LB’s… Herlich, Jones, and Williams did a nice job in their rookie campaigns. My personal favorite is Mathias Kiwanuka… Moved to linebacker a few years ago.. Didnt play all that well the first year learning how to play but last year played good and helped out on the Dline where was his original position. I don’t think we need much help there but I do like Zach Brown out of NC, and Luke Kuechly out of Boston College. Kuechly is a tackling machine and good at the inside spot. Brown is faster, running a 4.5 i believe at the combine. Not as good at tackling but a smart player…

I know the Giants cant draft all of them but I would be very happy to see of them in a Giant uniform next season… The Giants are an organization that doesn’t draft needs, they draft best player availible. It has worked in the past so if it aint broke then don’t fix it i guess… I’m looking forward to the draft, especially the later rounds… Hopefully we can find some good talent to really help our team… GO GIANTS!!!!! Superbowl 47? You never know!!!!


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  1. Pete permalink

    Hey Mickygaga; great posting on my addiction, NYG football. Concise, comprehensive and to the point. But, somehow we gotta find a way to get Coby Fleener. Watched a video of him on some NFL show and he won a tug-of-war against two Sumo’s. He has superstar potential. Throw in another RB and in spite of our schedule we’re looking at SB XLVII (not sure bout the Roman numeral stuff) Pete

    • Hey Pete, thanks again for the feedback, i appreciate it… i heard on the 1050 espn radio that the giants arent big on him because they think he’s not a good blocker… that kind of sucks, i was big on him from the get go… still like doug martin and mike adams for the first round but i think fleener would of been a long term solution to TE for us… thanks again bud….

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