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Mets Off To A 3-0 Start!!!

April 9, 2012

I’m not going to sit here and say “yup I knew they would start 3-0, had no doubt about it”… I had plenty of doubts about the season and still do, but I am pleasantly surprised that they took the first series of the year and swept the always hated Braves. Which whom they beat Jair Jurrjens who has been lights out against the Mets the past few seasons.

Opening day was great for so many reasons. First off Johan pitched well for not pitching in 19 months. Wasnt in long enough to get the win but had good command with his location and his circle change was working. His fastball at its highest was 89 but more towards 86-87 average throughout the day. He still has enough disparity miles per hour wise from fastball to circle change to fool the hitters. I can live with his velocity if it stays like this for the year. Lets not forget, Greg Maddox mad a career of painting the black and not having a cannon for an arm and he did just fine for his baseball career!

It was nice to see Wright start off with a bang. Going 6-9 hitting .667 with a HR and few RBI’s.. Couldnt ask for a better start. Same goes for Murphy going 5-13, and 3 of those were doubles. I think I’m most happy with Duda. He’s only 3 for 11 as of now but hitting 2 big HRs but also took a couple of walks to get himself on base. Your going to see a lot of gap shots from him this year, especially in Citifield.

Bay and Davis’ lack of production is a small wrinkle in the short 3 game season. Bay does have a few hits and an RBI i think but he came up in a few big spots and fell short. I really hope this year is different from the last few but in the small sample size I saw, i just don’t know.. Davis is weird though. His last 3 spring training games he was knocking the cover off the ball hitting 3 long balls. He drawn a few walks and has gotten on base but he has zero hits and one to many strikeouts! He’ll make the changes he needs to and he’s going to have to if he plans on helping the team win games. To off set Bay’s and Davis’ woes has been Tejada’s play. He did go 0-6 in the first 2 games but going 4 for 5 in the rubber game and playing a good short stop in my mind makes up for the other 2. Two double, 2 RBI’s is just what us Met fans need right now. We all may be saying losing Reyes is fine and he always gets hurt but bottom line we lost production in the leadoff spot and a solid defensive player. If Tejada can even give half of what he’s doing now, that should be good.

All and all though this 3-0 start is just what we needed. I’m not saying were going to win the NL east or make the playoffs, but this young team has shown that they want to win. They have talented players and its good to see some of our farm guys come up and play well too. The theme though is staying healthy! Having Torres go down does hurt but what Met fan didn’t see that coming! Lets keep up the good play and take 3 more from the Nationals who are coming to town. Looking forward to Wednesday game with Johan and Strassburg take the mound…

Now all we have to do is find some way for the Wilpans to sell the team to people who actually know how to run a team and Met fans will be very happy.


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