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Tebowmania in NYC

March 27, 2012

I just don’t get it! Lets break this down into a football move and marketing a cash cow… Why do the Jets think they needed to make this trade? Personally i think it has to do with the money side of football.

Lets look at this as a football move. Ok so, the Jets said having Tebow on the team makes them better. With his skill sets they can utilize him to get the full talent from him… Wasnt that what Denver did? Yes i know they made the playoffs and did upset the Steelers ( with a badly hobbled Big Ben mind you ).. Wildcat, Tbone whatever you want to call the formation that takes Sanchez out of the game and puts Tebow in isn’t going to work. He’s a big guy Tebow, no question about it.. But as the Patriots showed in the regular season and playoffs he can be gotten and hit hard over and over again and have little to no effect on a game. You could of went out and signed a BIG back. Running back is a need for the Jets… Why not go after Hillis before he signed with the Chiefs. And event though Bradon Jacobs isnt a fan of Rex Ryan, he’s still out there for the taking. I keep on hearing short yardage guy.. 3 and 1 this and goaline that… There’s even a few fullbacks that was out there. Tony Fiametta who just signed with the Patriots could have been a short yardage back. Although he did miss some time with an inner ear problem. Nonetheless other options were there if they looked hard enough and to be honest not that hard mind you… So getting a player to make the team better im sorry im not buying it. Maybe it was to have a great teammate/overall good person to bring some goodness to the locker room.. I can buy that more than he makes us better. And not for nothing a few Jets sounded off before the deal was made and wasnt happy about trading for tebow. So how can a guy make the locker room better if people are saying they don’t need him here… Football move, i highly doubt it.

Now the money side i can wrap my head around that. I think he’s owed about 6 million over the 3 years he’s here… I could be off by a few million but it’s around that. He’s going to generate millions on top of millions with ticket sales, jersey sales making the team more money they wont know what to do with… My opinion comes down to dollars and cents. This was a money desicion through and through. And don’t get me wrong, thats fine. Team has to sell seats… You could have gotten anybody to for goaline and short yardage. Curtis Martin would have came out of retirement for a few million for gods sake! Hell, I’ll do it for league minimum!

With that all said, I’m a Giants fan. And no im not Jet hating or Tebow hating for that matter. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tebow do well in this experiment. I just don’t think a two QB system will work. College yes, pros NO… Especially when you see Tebow on the field and you know whats coming., a running play with a small chance of him throwing the ball. But if im an opposing defense i hope he throws it. Its shown that he’s more effective running.

It’s only a matter of time before Tebowmania kicks in. And by that i mean Tebow followers asking for Sanchez to be benched… Tebow as a backup is an upgrade for th Jets but as a started i think it’s a step back.. One thing i cant deny is that he’s a winner. He has that desire inside him to get what he wants. Determination to be the Jets starter will drive him, but will he win the job or have his religious posse get him there. The drama continues, but you have to admit… Its going to be fun to see what unfolds.


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