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2012 Mets season

March 26, 2012

Being a Mets fan isn’t an easy task. If involves a person to be ok with losing and at best case a 500 ballclub… Oh and did i mention your big brothers cross town the NY Yankees just know how to win and are in the mix every year. I would kill for it to be after Labor day and the Mets are at least in a wildcard chase, give me something! But what can you do…

My hope for the season can be broken down to one word. Healthy! I want to see Johan, Bay, Davis, Wright and Murphy play at least 140 games. Johan getting 25-30 starts. Bay needs to step up and play within his contract for once and hit more then 10 HRs. He has the talent and the ability to drive people in and maybe even steal a few bases. Davis and Wright in my mind are the two faces of the franchise now since Reyes left. If Davis’ ankle is fine and can stay that way i think he’s going to be the anchor in our lineup. Not to mention playing a good enough firstbase as to not lose a few games because of errors. As for Wright… Hes going to hit around 300 if healthy. I would even take 270-280 average too. Throw in 25 HRs with 85-100 RBIs with a solid defensive season at the hot corner and we should see him back at the Allstar game.

The guy who I’m really interested in watching play is Lucas Duda. With the fences moved in some this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of power he really has. That goes for Davis, Bay and Wright for that matter. I see Duda as a nice surprise to the season. Someone to cheer on this season. As a Met fan we need something to cheer. Dont get me wrong, Im going to go to a few games like always and sit through 9 innings with a beer or two hopefully not drinking in a losing effort.

Johan on opening day. My prediction… 6 innings, 2ER, 6 SO 7 hits… Mets 5 Braves 3… Only 161 games to go.


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  1. Frank permalink

    The biggest disappointment here is Jason Bay. We’ve gotten nothing from him. He HAS to kick in and stay healthy.

  2. Johan is looking good in spring training, lets hope his momentum keeps up.

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