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Eli ranks in at 31 on NFL list.

The NFL network has been airing their top 100 players of the 2011 season the past few weeks. So far Hakeen Nicks(90), Justin Tuck(62)  has joined Eli on the list so far. I can only assume that Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul will make an appearance on the list as well, and rightfully so… Both had ProBowl seasons.

There’s been a little drama on whether Eli should have been higher on the list. People have said easily a top 15 and I’ve also heard 31 is right where he should be. There were a few Giant haters that said they can see him being not in the top 50…

Showing up 31st on the list isn’t the worst spot to be in. He wasnt even voted on last years list so to be 31 this year is an impressive leap.  I do think Eli should have been at least top 20 if not a little higher. His numbers spoke for themselves this year and his post season numbers were absolutely lights out. In 4 games he threw for 1212 yards with 9 TDs to 1 int, had a QB rating of 103.3 and completed 65 percent of his passes. Lights out may be an understatment!

It appears that Big Ben is higher on the list then Manning is. You can definitely make an argument about that. I know Rothlesberger has 2 rings just like Eli and has had a lot of success in his NFL career but it’s not about that. It’s a list of the best players of this past season! Eli should be ahead of Big Ben no question!!!!

Does all this ranking really matter though? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a cool thing to be voted by your peers as one of the best in the game. But, Eli is a calm, collective kind of guy. The bright lights of NY doesn’t affect him, the media is of no concern to him and the shadow of being Peyton’s little brother doesn’t seem to phase him either. So im sure that being ranked 31st out of 100 is just a drop of water in the ocean to him. Truly a professional at his craft and has come into his own the past couple of years. I’m looking forward to this upcoming season in hopes he surpasses the career year he just had. Defending the championship isn’t going to be easy but I bELIeve in ELI!!!!

Go Giants…….

Osi’s gets a new deal.

I’m happy Osi got his deal but I’m also a little bewildered by it.  I like it that we made Osi happy for now anyways. When he’s on he can be one of the leagues best pass rushers.

Before the deal was done Osi was scheduled to make roughly 3.9 million this year. Far from chump change but nonetheless Osi wasn’t happy yet again this year. My opinion is that he played very well in the post season and deserved a new contract. He did miss 7 games or so during the regular season but when it counted and when we needed him he showed up. The strip sack he had on Rodgers in the playoffs not only got the ball back for the team but saved a would be touchdown!

From the early reports it looks like Osi will make 7-7.5 million for this 1 year. 3 million of it is a signing bonus. And it’s voidable in 2013 as to spread out for a salary cap hit. This is where I get a little lost. So basically we gave Osi a raise for 1 season. From the sound of it he’s going to be a free agent come 2013. Maybe im wrong in my interpretation of it but the Giants threw an extra 2 million or so at him to make him happy for just 2012. What happened to wanted Osi to retire as a NY Giant. I hope im wrong but it looks as if that isn’t going to happen.

Well, for whatever the future holds I can hang my hat on 1 thing. Osi has a new deal and is happy going into the 2012 season. Despite whether he’s here longer than that or not here, I’m looking at defending the Superbowl title and taking one game at a time and hoping for health across the board. Having Osi in the lineup as a backup ( which I know he HATES ) or having him start makes the team better. We had the best Dline in the game last year and our rotation played a huge part in that. His presence and leadership of being a vet on team will only help us….


LT, say it aint so!!!

I’m a huge Giant and LT fan. I’m 30, so I only caught the back-end of Taylors career. Unfortunately I didn’t see him in his prime but I have heard stories and have seen tons of clips. It’s not the same I know but its all i got. So when i read that he was selling 1 of his Superbowl rings, it made me think…

His playing days he was an animal! A man among boys. An All-American out of UNC in 1981 drafted 2nd overall to the Giants. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Taylor was a disruptive force at OLB, and is credited with changing the pass rushing schemes, offensive line play, and offensive formations used in the NFL. Taylor produced double-digit sacks each season from 1984 through 1990, including a career high of 20.5 in 1986. He ended his career with 132.5 sacks. His rookie season in 1981 he had 9.5 sacks but the sack statistic didn’t come about until the 1982 season which would have gave him a total of 142.

It was a well-known fact that during his NFL career LT had a drug and alcohol addiction. He tested positive for cocaine in 1987 and in 1988 he failed yet another drug test wich cost him a 30 day suspension. I remember hearing stories about LT on the road and how the opposing team would send drugs and girls to his hotel room so he would be so out of it come game day but as you can see from his stats it didn’t seem to work. Teams whether they would admit it or not were terrified of him. John Madden once said “Lawrence Taylor, defensively, has had as big an impact as any player I’ve ever seen. He changed the way defense is played, the way pass-rushing is played, the way linebackers play and the way offenses block linebackers”. You always had to know where he was at all times when he was on the field.

His post career has been nothing but legal problems and disappointment. He started a company called All-Pro Products. Started off promising but shortly after the company ceased production. He tried TV, doing TNT Sunday Night Football as an analyst and he even appear at Wrestlemania defeating Bam Bam Bigelow. After that he was a commentator on the show Toughman, an amateur fighting show. His legal problems werent far behind. He was charged with felony third-degree statutory rape, for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with someone under 17. He was also charged with third-degree patronization for allegedly paying the underage girl $300 to have sex with him. Taylor pled guilty and on March 22, 2011 was sentenced to six years probation.

It really is a shame how far he has fallen. I know his addictions and demons have overcome him many times. He has made his own choices and bad ones to boot. As a football player, he will always be a beast to me changing the game forever for players to come. But as a normal person outside of football i will also remember his as a beast! I hate to say it but its true. if he just played his cards right and lead a somewhat normal life after the NFL he could have had NYC in the palm of his hands. He was a  legend! But you hear these stories and you hope it’s a MYTH! I really hope he gets his life together, it’s never to late.

Who will step in at the 3rd receiver slot…

It’s a given that Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are our 1-2 punch at wide-out. After last season and the numbers they both put up I think it’s safe to say! But Losing Mario Manningham to the 49ers isn’t going to be an easy task. He didn’t put up WOW numbers but when Eli needed a safety valve Manningham was there. He caught a TD in the blow out against the Falcons in the playoffs, as well as the San Fran game which was a huge TD at the time… 3rd and 15 on the 17 yard line and Eli threw a perfect pass only Mario could get. And who can forget about the AMAZING catch in the Superbowl on the sideline…

That 3rd slot is wide open is seems, so who wants it? You have Domenik Hixon, Ramses Barden, last years 3rd round pick Jerrel Jernigan and this years 2nd round pick Reuben Randle…

Ramses Barden has very good size at 6’6 224lbs. He has similar size that Burress had and he did pretty good in our offense. Barden doesn’t have the same skill level but I think he has the potential to be a serviceable wide out for this team. Unfortunately he didn’t have big numbers last year, or any numbers really! With 9 catches for 94 yards and 0 TDs… He also didn’t get much playing time. His best game was against the Saints with 3 catches for 38 yards.. But that game was a blow out anyway. Again, great size with good hands…

Jerrel Jernigan to me is a wildcard kind of player. At 5’8 he’s not going to wow anyone with size but he’s very quick and elusive. He wasnt used much in the offense but did play a role in the special teams. In kick offs he had 8 returns for 186 yards with a long of 31 yards… In college in 2010 he did well. 84 rec for 822 and 6 TDs… He also had a punt and kick off return for a touchdown along with rushing the ball 45 times and scoring 3 of those times. That’s why im my mind he can be the wildcard, similar to Percy Harvin with the Vikings. He can line up as a wide-out of course but in the backfield too and maybe even break one for a return… If he can get reps and get on the field, he has a chance to definately be a game changer.

Domenik Hixon has the most experience of the group. A 6 year player who knows the Giants system. He had an untimely injury last season in week 2 against the Rams, while catching a TD. He has a past with knee problems though. When healthy though he contributed on the special teams end and has been known to be a deep threat in the early part of his career. Decent size at 6’2 but will his speed be hindered with yet another knee injury. Time will tell but I think he has the skill set to be a weapon on offense if not special teams.

Now, im not big on rookies jumping in to start right away. Although being the 2nd round pick when people projected you of being a 1st round there can always be exceptions. Reuben Randle has already impressed coach Coughlin at the rookie mini camps. Coming out of LSU had good numbers. And that’s with LSU not being known for a good passing attack. They tried but the QBs were suspect. 53 rec for 917 and 8 TDs is pretty good. Not to mention big games against Arkansas, Auburn and Florida, all very good programs… I like his frame at 6’4 and 210. He will be able to out jump and out body corners for position once he gets used to the pro style, which is a nicer way of saying a lot more aggressive then college. I’m hoping for good things out him for the get go.

I have no clue who will get the spot to be honest. Even if  I take a guess, im sure it will be wrong. Out of those 4 I do think Randle has the best chance if he can learn the playbook and gets plenty of reps. I have a funny feeling that you will see a heavy dose of all 4 guys in the pre-season. Cruz and Nicks aren’t going to need much to get ready, so don’t be surprised to see the Giants air it out especially in the 4th pre-season game. Should be fun though to watch and see what happens. GO GIANTS!!!!!!

NBA Playoffs… Who will slow down Miami in the East.

Answer….. Probably no one… I’m a Knick fan and they rolled us like it was nothing. Yes we had injuries but im a realist and I didn’t see us beating Miami.

Injuries have been a huge theme this playoffs. So big that it actually knocked good teams out of the playoffs.

Dwight Howard was out due to his back. The Magic went down to the Pacers in FIVE GAMES! They were the 3rd seed! And the Pacers who had trouble beating decent teams took them out, led by Danny Grainger’s play. Glenn Davis wasnt and isn’t the answer the magic had in mind for their playoff run. Losing Howard was more than big!

Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah… The two stars on the Bulls who led them to a one seed! Rose with his torn knee and Noah with his strained ankle… Those two healthy and I’m sorry but the 76ers don’t stand a chance. A good, young team with talent but i think they are a few years away from contending for a title. Very well coached with Doug Collins but youth doesn’t do well in the playoffs. The Bulls full strength would have either swept of at least taken them in 5. Once again injuries played a factor.

With the Boston/Hawks series, injuries didn’t really have a role. The aging Celtics were just to experienced for the Hawks. Allen was a little banged up and i think missed a game or two but with Garnett and Rondo playing good ball, that was all they needed. And no I didn’t leave out Pierce, im just not a fan. Good player although it looks like he plays in slow motion at times, always gets hurt and magically comes back and lifts his team.. Come on, how many times is that going work. I’m not saying he hasn’t been hurt but i think and its only my opinion but he may have been milking some of it at times. But hey, who am I ya know… Boston took them in 6 only because the youth and speed of the Hawks took a game or so figure out…

With that all said, I don’t see any of these teams challenging the Heat. Boston to me has the best chance. Again they have the experience but I don’t think that will overcome the talent the Heat has. Lets not forget, the Heat were in the finals just last year so it’s not like they will be in awe and nervous. The core of the team was there last year and the few additions are seasoned vets. I don’t think Shane Battier will be caught up in the finals, hes to savvy and smart for that. The only team i thought would have been a tough matchup for Miami was the Bulls.

Other then the Bulls in the East who again were eliminated, the toughest match up for the Heat will probably come in the Finals. I’m not saying there a lock to make it there but with the teams left I wouldn’t bet against them to get there, that’s for sure. I can see the rejuvenated Spurs, a smart and well experienced Laker team or the young and very talented duo in OKC with Durant and Westbrook being a team that can beat the Heat.

My prediction ( and im never right )…. Miami vs OKC… Miami in 7 games with Lebron getting the monkey off his back and getting the finals MVP. Even though i think OKC may be a year away and need more bench depth, i think they can pull it off and make the finals. I just think Lebron, and Wade want it bad this year especially after what happened last year.

Can the Knicks make it a series and win game 5?

The start of the Knicks playoffs has been a little lack luster for me. Making the end of the season push to make the playoffs, getting the 7th seed was all good stuff. Wasnt thrilled about having to go through Miami but what can you do. Just win and get in is the important part.

We have had our unfortunate injuries so far. Losing Shumpert early with his knee and later on in the series losing our starting PG in Davis. Davis wasnt playing great but he was our best PG on the team and gave us 25 minutes a game. Shumpert who is flat-out the Knicks best perimeter defender was a huge loss for us. He had the ability to cover Wade and on switch offs felt good about him being on Lebron for the time being. Even with a healthy Davis and Shumpert I think it would have been a more competitive series. Being down 3-1 and going back to Miami wont be an easy task.

Amare’s “injury” was definitely a disappointment. The first few games he didn’t play well but in game 4 he came back a new player and gave us a 20pt 10 rebound game. Defense was still a little suspect but it always has been. I wonder how the game 3 woulda have went if he didn’t have the self-inflicted injury and played with the same intensity he did in game 4. Would it be a 2-2 tie? Who knows. What I do know is that were down 3-1 and hanging on by a thread. It took Melo’s 41 pts  to keep us in it. Wade going 4-10 from the line didn’t hurt our chances either.

My gut is telling me that the series is over and we will lose game 5. I don’t want to believe it though. Im not saying we can or will beat the Heat and move on but as a Knick fan i want to see them take it to them and not be pushed around like last year when we were swept by the Celtics! Making this a 3-2 series and having it come back to NY for a game 6 would at least show some heart and give hope to Knick fans… We need big time shooting especially from our bench and we have to play defense like it’s the last game they will ever play because frankly it is. Lose and go home. Win and you have NY in the palm of your hands. GO KNICKS!!!!!


So it’s the next day and the Knicks lost game 5 106-94… Im a little disappointed that we didnt make it a competive series but all in all the season wasnt a total lose. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere, Shumpert showed that we have a good young player for years to come and Melo showed that he can be that top scorer when we need him to be. Chandler won defensive player of the year and thats without leading in any defensive stats. I just hope we come back next season ready to make a run and have depth in PG and hopefully a healthy Amare. Will they trade him? Can they trade him? We have all summer to to find that out. Looking forward to next season!

Giants 2012 Draft…. B+

After watching this years draft, I was very happy with the Giants picks… In my opinion, our first 3 picks were 1st to 2nd round talents…

David Wilson (RB) out of Virginia Tech was a nice first round pick. He’s 5’10 at 205 ish… On film he is explosive and not only can run to the outside but has the power to run inside when needed. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield which is a plus for our running backs. Not to mention he has the ability to be a good blocker during passing downs and hopefully will read blitz’s well. Plus he will give us a special team presence. I’m not sure if that’s where Coughlin will use him but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back there. All and all not resigning Jacobs and picking up Wilson fills a need nicely.

Rueben Randle (WR) to me was a STEAL! He has first round talent and we somehow got in with the last pick in the 2nd round. Big target at 6’2-6’3 and 210lbs out of LSU. He will fight for that 3rd receiver spot with Manningham going to the 49ers. He had a nice college career even though at LSU the QB talent was a little thin at times. Having a 2 QB system in place can put a wrench in the throwing game but he found ways to get his numbers and did it well. A few draft experts had him going mid to late 1st round. Again a STEAL for us at the 63rd pick.

Jayron Holsey (CB) ran into a little trouble at the combine. It came out about a week or so before the draft that he was 1 of the 6 players who failed a drug test. My assumption is pot but don’t quote me on that. Although if it was anything much worse than pot it would have leaked out. Before the leaked test he was a late 2nd round talent. Getting him in the 3rd round was a good pick. At 5’10 and 180 he’s your prototypical corner in the NFL. Good speed and awareness and has the ability to play man on the outside. Losing Ross to free agency we needed a young back to come in and help with rotation.

Our two 4th round picks I’m not to familiar with. I did do a little research on them though. Adrien Robinson TE out of Cincinnati according to Jerry Resse is the ” JPP of tight ends”. Meaning raw talent with upside. Like I’ve said the past in Jerry I trust to im cool with it. He’s a blocking TE at 6’4 264… Our other 4th rd pick was Brandon Mosley. Good technique for a tackle has nice size at 6’5 and 314 lbs. Coming out of Auburn which is a bigtime program you know he played against talented defenses. From some of his tape is looks like he moves well and should be a good backup for us and if need be come in a play if an injury pops up..

Overall I give a B+… We definitely filled needs, and added depth. I’m excited to watch Wilson, Randle and Holsey on the field to see what they can bring to the table. The Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins added some nice talent themselves but we are the defending champs after all. They still have to get through us in the NFC East!!!!!!!